Contele Fleet Tracking


Get a discount on your subscription, with 30% of the value of the 1st monthly fee of the referred-in!

Enter the name and phone of your referred-in and guarantee your DISCOUNT!!!

More customers you refer,
more you earn!

How it works:

Enter in the form with the contact of the referred-in;

We’ll do a demonstration with your referred-in of the Contele Fleet Tracking;

If we close the contract, you’ll receive a discount of 30% of the referral’s 1st monthly fee.

Want to increase your chances?

Contact your referred-in to talk about how Contele Fleet Tracking helps your fleet management, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

What do you gain by participating?

If you are an Entrepreneur

Your company will get a discount on the next invoice of 30% of the value of the first monthly fee of the referred company. In addition, your company will strengthen a bond with the referred company, offering a profitable solution.

If you are a Fleet Manager

Besides the discount in your company’s invoice, indicating Contele Fleet Tracking to other companies strengthens an ecosystem of system users, which contributes to its enhancement and continuous improvement.

- You will receive the value as a discount in your Contele Fleet Tracking invoice;
- The discount will be applied to your invoice as soon as the referred-in customer signs the contract with Contele Fleet Tracking;
- You will receive the discount on a single invoice, not on all of them;
- Example: If you refer a customer with a monthly fee of U$750.00, you will receive U$225.00 (30% of U$750.00) as a discount on your next invoice;
- If the discount received is greater than the amount of your invoice, the remaining amount will be deducted from your next invoice.

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